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Pro Bono & Discounts. 


Pro Bono & Discounts: We offer discounted attorneys fees to businesses, entities and individuals that we believe will have a positive impact on their community and the community of the Greater Bay Area. Generally these discounts are provided to businesses in less affluent and wealthy communities that serve the community and provide other community level benefits, including employment opportunities. If you or your business may provide such benefits please do not hesitate to inquire.   

Type                                                                 Discount                  

Small Business                                                up to 50%

(Less than $100,000 gross

income per full time employee

or self-employed person)

Non Profit (Small)                                           up to 40%

(Less than $200,000

gross receipts)

Micro Business /                                             up to 60%

Startup Micro Business

(SBA eligible micro business)


Non Profit (Micro)                                           up to 60%

(Less than $50,000 gross receipts)

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