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BrightWork Law, PC 

The Contract
Signing a Contract

The attorneys at BrightWork Law assist clients with a wide variety of contracting needs, from standard non-disclosure agreements to complex intellectual property licensing agreements.


Our team has brings more than just its legal experience to the table. Our attorneys have backgrounds in business, accounting, and finance. Critical to creating a contract that reads well and matches your strategic goals. 


BrightWork Law attorneys have assisted clients with negotiation, review, and execution of contracts cumulatively valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We maintain a catalogue of regularly updated standard form agreements with demonstrated value. Finally, we track the language of our agreements and notify clients of  relevant changes to pertinent statute or case law.

BrightWork Law offers free attorney consultations. During your consultation you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a BrightWork Law attorney to discuss the proposed transaction, and your unique goals.

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