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  • Settlement of $1.3 Million Lawsuit

    • Representing defendant. The client, a government services firm, was facing a $1.3 million lawsuit for fraud, breach of management agreements, and multiple business torts. We successfully settled the case for $80,000. 

  • Settlement for Control Of Multi-Location Retail Business

    • Representing plaintiff. The client, the owner of multiple retail stores, sued his business partner for fraud and other business torts. A review of the accounting indicated theft of over $285,000 by co-manager of the business. We obtained control and buyout of both the businesses for a nominal amount. 

  • $1.75 Million Settlement

    • Representing plaintiff. The client obtained a settlement of $1.75 million in value including the return of real property and cancellation of promissory notes in a financial elder abuse action. 

  • Settlement of Trust Dispute for $525,000

    • Representing plaintiff. Successfully obtained an interest in a $525,000 complex trust dispute relating to the distribution of donated funds. 

  • Obtained $287,000 Settlement In Quiet Title Action

    • Representing plaintiff. Our attorney successfully obtained a 1/4 share of property in a quiet title dispute relating to transfer of joint property ownership upon death of trustee. 

  • Settlement of Putative Class Action

    • Representing defendant. Successfully settled a putative class action for breach of warranty and regulatory compliance issues for a nominal amount on behalf of our client an automobile manufacturing and customization business. 

  • Settlement of $300,000 Share Transfer and Fiduciary Derivative Action

    • Representing defendants. Successfully settled a $300,000 derivative and fiduciary breach action in favor of our clients.

  • Settlement for Control of Business and Five Year Non Competition By Principals

    • Representing plaintiff. Obtained control of business and non-competition agreements in settlement on behalf of client, a growing media company, in a derivative action business dispute based on multiple business torts and breach of contract.  

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