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Attorney Fees, Costs & Expenses

There are three different methods by which we bill: hourly, contingent, flat fee, hybrid. 


Hourly fees:

Hourly fees are charged efficiently in the most cost effective manner. Feel free to contact us regarding our current rates. 


Unlike most attorneys our preferred fee structures are flat fees and milestone (performance based) fees. Both flat and milestone fees allow you to plan for and know the expense of the transaction up-front allowing you to make informed business decisions from the outset. 


Flat & Milestone Fees:

We are happy to discuss flat fees and milestone based payments for most transactions. Under such agreements fees are charged only when we finish a project or a portion of a project. Such an option can be especially helpful in licensing applications and financing as the fee amount is known and is only due when each milestone is reached. To find out more and see examples of how such fees work click here


Contingent Fee:

This is a fee that is charged upon a certain outcome, usually success in litigation. It is most commonly used in litigation but we also offer it for certain licensing and other transactions. Such arrangements be especially helpful for clients that do not have the funds to pursue litigation. We are happy to discuss such fee arrangements for both litigation and corporate work. 


Deferred Fees:

We are happy to discuss the deferment of fees and payment plans where it may assist you and your goals. 


Pro Bono & Discounts:

We offer discounted attorneys fees to those businesses, entities and individuals that we believe will have a positive impact on their community and the community of the Greater Bay Area. For a brief description of this program click here


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